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Dec 11, 2023 09:43 AM

Every small business be it in North Dakota Minnesota or Rhode Island has discovered during the pandemic that a tech stack can make a difference. But confusion persists on which ones of the many that are available should be part of their tech stack. We are here to solve this vexing issue. Read to know which business tech tools should be used by small companies for lead acquisition.

  1. Google Analytics. Website optimisation is important for all marketing teams and an important marketing tool for a small or medium-scale business. It is particularly useful for those who sell, advertise, and target online. The tool deployed by Salesforce platinum partners is used to produce free information & performance reports. These include a report to highlight problem areas. It reveals where the conversions peter off. Is a majority of the traffic touching the homepage followed by the lead form, then quitting? It helps to find out why leads vanish without purchasing. You can opt for a report to monitor conversions. Get insight on how every marketing channel is fuelling conversions. Are the advertisements on social media bringing any revenue? SEM vs SEO – which is working better for you and your business? 

  2. Marketing automation tools. To obtain the maximum results out of the marketing campaigns, information and tracking must reach the sales team. This is what makes marketing automation tools like the Marketing Cloud a must-have for businesses in their tech stack. For marketing teams, the persona of every client/lead is important and that comes from the possession of a CRM tool. Access to it provides marketing and sales teams with the information they require to curate marketing campaigns that are personal and relevant. With a connected tech stack, businesses can send the right messages to the right person at the right time. Achieve more sales in less time, create an efficient sales funnel, lower the sales cycles, and obtain more revenue. For more information, call salesforce platinum partners.

  3. Email marketing tools like Marketing Cloud which is deployed by Salesforce platinum partners. Get tech on your side to make your marketing team a lean & mean productive machine. Use the traditional yet relevant method of marketing to work for you. Yes, we are referring to the good old email. Use Marketing Cloud and data collected to send personalised or even hyper-personalised email marketing campaigns. Relevance impacts open rates, click rates, as well as leads converting into paying clients.

  4. SEO tools. Playing with words makes a difference between adding & losing an organic website audience. And this web traffic is crucial for your small business web marketing confirm salesforce platinum partners. It helps in gaining insights into which keywords are used by laypeople to search for services or products. Often the term used by them and the ones that the marketing teams are using for the same product and/or service is at variance.

  5. Slack. Make internal communication and collaboration easy peasy with Slack. You can use their many features such as Slack meetings, and workflows to make mundane & daily tasks automatic. For more information on Slack, Call Codleo - Salesforce platinum partners. channels, hudles for

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