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Oct 31, 2022 11:55 AM

Salesforce listens and does it listen. It has regular updates / releases of their various products every year say Salesforce partners. These are based on the feedback received for users worldwide. So, for those who don’t speak up on issues of concern to them or any larger community / group, this is a definitive answer. It does pay to speak up and be heard. Our blog of today is all about Tableau and the features that they have unveiled thanks to users like you and me. The latest Tableau 2022.3 is out and contains 5 new features that we will focus on today. Let’s see what they are as per Salesforce partners. 

Tableau data guide - The new Data Guide tool allows dashboard users to obtain important visualization insights, by supplying information about the underlying data. Interaction with dashboards isn’t instinctive in most times, especially if users are not comfortable with the information. The Data Guide tool simplifies this complexity when users are confronted with detailed dashboard insights. Dashboard creators are often required to give description of information in different formats & spaces (like subheadings, subtitles, or tooltips, etc.). Tableau has a data guide tool for all dashboard insights to be concised in an accessible space. This improves the user experience and leads to visualisations being neater reveal Salesforce partners.  

Data science tools internal to Table extensions – Users can use Table Extensions to link to their scripting tooling of choice like Python, R, and Einstein Analytics to study information before commencement of work in Tableau. This is a simpler & quicker way to find, gather, and predict raw dataset. The latest Tableau 2022.3 feature allows companies to get analytics done quicker, removing the requirement to use various tools to operate & schedule actions in other places – enhancing analyst momentum.  

Dynamic Zone - The objective of this specific feature is to supply dynamic filtering to those dashboards that need attention on several different audiences. It works by dynamically displaying & cloaking zones in the user’s dashboard managed via the layout pane. This allows the information to be displayed determined by each user’s choices. It’s not logical to curate & maintain dashboards to suit different audience requirements – therefore, the dynamic zone tool provides that additional functionality sans complex measured filters. 

Activity log - Tableau Server now comes with an activity log in Advanced Management. Initially, the feature was launched in the Tableau Cloud 2022.2 version, but now it is present in Tableau Server. The activity log is a log file of user events. It gives detailed insights on dashboard user events which may be vital when trying to comprehend user experience. Logs giving audit data are helpful for governance. Codleo Salesforce partners is best for Tableau deployment. 

Backgrounder services – It is an addition to Advanced Management for Tableau Server for scheduled scaling for Backgrounder. As the batch load jobs ramp up, Backgrounder is bought into to enhance speed confirm Salesforce partners.  

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