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Aug 05, 2022 12:37 PM

Salesforce Lightning is the coolest thing for all users of Salesforce. It is the future of Salesforce that is available now. With Salesforce Inc. announcing that many features will be available only on it, any user still on the Classic version is bound to lose out. We have compiled a few features on the Lightning version that you should be familiar with. Here they are: 

  • The latest tech is at your disposal. With the aggressive adoption of the Lightning version by the company based in the USA, you will be pleased to know that it is populated by the latest tech advancements. As subscribers to this upgraded version, you automatically benefit from the new advancements that are released thrice a year by Salesforce Inc. Enjoy the improvements in your company while harnessing the power of the latest tech has to offer. 

  • Seller better and smarter. The sales team benefits from this version thanks to over 50 latest Sales Cloud pages with over 160 extra features. We can’t obviously talk about all the features but here is a brief on some of them: 

    Opportunity Kanban: It enables users to view all records together enabling better work management and actions/strategies based on it. 
    Quarterly Performance Chart: As the name suggests, it offers users a performance chart of the work for every quarter, which is useful to view your growth trajectory. 

    Assistant: The new Assistant in Salesforce Lightning brings you up to speed with the latest developments/updates in a day. 

  • Opportunity Workspace: Supervise the work of your employees with this jazzy feature. It offers best practices, strategy & guidance for customized work-related configuration. 
    Custom Dashboards: Personalise your dashboards as much as you wish as per this feature. Each user can make it as unique as they want it to be provided they are willing to pay for such micro levels of customization to the partner who is carrying out the deployment or migration. 

  • Lightning voice: With this feature, Voice calls are enabled within the Sales Cloud itself. This means you could be anywhere and be phone-connected ( outgoing and incoming ) if you have the mobile incorporated in it.  Note-taking & logging calls are also enabled. This is a super feature on this smart platform. Have you used or are familiar with it? Let us know. 

  • Steelbrick: It is a super feature available on the Lightning platform only. Its CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) allows the Sales Cloud to perform all acts for trading deals in the business structure. Proposals & contracts are now not a headache for staff. Get signatures without leaving your CRM. 

  • Outlook sync – the coming together of Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook has made life easy for all. No switching screens.  Plus, the cloud-based Lightning Synchronization has your logbooks and contacts up to speed throughout the Office 365 suite, Salesforce, and any other Microsoft Exchange accounts. 

  • Cell phone friendly – We are talking about the Salesforce1 Mobile Application that is built on the lightning platform. All customizations reflect immediately on the cell phone thanks to this app. 

  • Lightning app builder - If you don’t know to code, never mind, you can still build apps thanks to this very cool feature. Clicks are all you need. Thanks to the Salesforce Lightning feature, anyone personalizes the pages and shifts the Lightning Components to pin up the apps. 


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