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Jan 16, 2024 10:23 AM

As businesses become excited with the many benefits of AI and want to onboard the same for their success, the big question we are asking today is – Is your business ready for AI? In today’s blog, we as a Salesforce consultancy examine the issue in brief, point by point.

Below is listed ways that businesses are ready for Artificial Intelligence as per Salesforce consultancy:

  1. Identify the correct use cases. The company needs to brainstorm over a length of time for the uses of AI within the organisation. It could be something as fundamental that how can AI help in enabling the company for further differentiation of its goods or services. It goes beyond goods or services and how to improve them, but also across the board in relation to operational efficiency, the organisation, and the structure. 

  2. Focus on the bigger picture.  Businesses may implement AI to enable automation & scaling on the business processes. However, the main focus needs to be strategic. The organizational & cultural aspects. There are brainstorming ideas that must happen with different levels off management to inform them on opportunities and the potential to go above just human intelligence. The opportunities are mind boggling says a Salesforce consultancy. The Management needs to lay the roadmap for the future.  Is there a short-term strategy? What will go in the long-term strategy? The interest is palpable just that the basic strategy for the firm needs to be curated smartly and a knowledge transfer in an open and transparent manner.

  3. Is the company’s governance up to speed? Business does not wait for the “rules of the game” to be set in motion. The IT leadership if any should collaborate with the management to produce useful, scalable, AI governance frameworks to be used within their firms. The rapid modifications that are happening with AI is too vast for the IT team, and too impactful to hold for other data infrastructure projects to be in place before businesses opt for large scale implementation. All departments need to shake themselves to reality. The message is to move with the times before you become a redundant and historical legacy of the past unwanted. 

  4. Make plans for an evolving team / workforce. Before planning any form of AI initiative, the management must focus empathetically on workforce planning, with the light shining on different roles and responsibilities, to gauge where Artificial Intelligence will be most meaningful.  Of the top profiles, where could AI be a game changer? Some organizations such as a Salesforce consultancy will have many roles that can be impacted by AI in a big way and some not. The management of each company whether they are a Salesforce consultancy or not, needs to deep dive, be aware and plan for the future.

  5. Involve everyone as a team. IT Team, management and internal stakeholders are all equally responsible for AI success. Welcome the challenge with open arms and unite as one army to find the correct solutions. No one should be shut out. Let everyone give their inputs, strategise and implement AI for their firm.

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