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Sep 28, 2022 06:08 AM

We grew up hearing about genies in the lamp as a fairy tale recited by grandmothers and story tellers. In the 21st century, Salesforce Services Inc has put a new spin on this term with the launch of Salesforce Genie. 

Salesforce Genie is enabling the journey of very personalised client experiences as offered by Salesforce services, which happens instantly. As we all know time is of the essence these days especially when it comes to the lucrative and competitive e-commerce domain. Shoppers are used to speed, otherwise they just lose interest and move to a rival brand according to Salesforce services providers. From “Search to delivery”, Commerce Cloud Genie is a quick & agile platform that enables fulfilment based on the client’s profile, leverages AI enabled merchandising, and personalised shopping experiences centered on browsing behaviour. Genie stores real-time data streams on a large scale, and links it with Salesforce information. The aim is to streamline the different personas a person may be having on the many apps. The outcome is one clean record for each client. 

Commerce Cloud Genie enters the shopping behaviour instantly into the command centre (within the Sales or Salesforce Service Consoles). All details related to a client is available on a single scree – client engagement, shopping, and important details, and forecasted next best action, powered by Einstein. 

The Commerce Cloud Genie release covers other new features, such as: 

  • Composable Storefront

  • Commerce Partner Marketplace 

  • Store Associate App

Composable storefront - Take a headless commerce approach – separating your front-end e-commerce experience from the back-end platform – while offloading site hosting, security, and scalability to Salesforce. The new storefront is decoupled from the back-end, meaning businesses can “compose” their own unique brand experiences – keeping up with evolving customer preferences, without the need for expensive architecture or development overheads, ultimately, driving down costs.Commerce Cloud’s reliable partner ecosystem features vendors presenting pre-packaged integrations & accelerators for a headless commerce architecture. Purchasing versus building increase duration to value & minimises the complete price of ownership. 

Store associate app – Provide store staff client insights & inventory levels, filling the gap between online and physical shopping, while still providing a customised shopping experience. Change the shop into a fulfillment center, such as ship-from-store functionality, purchase web Pickup In-Store, omnichannel inventory visibility, and so on.  

Thanks to Commerce Cloud Genie, Salesforce services enables you to improve finances, while enhancing client experiences. Using the power of AI, customising the experience of each person based on their history with your brand as well as a persona of each client curated leads helps businesses thrive in a competitive market. 

For more information on our wide-ranging Salesforce services, call Codleo Sales team. We offer the best Salesforce services that are economical. 

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