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Nov 16, 2023 10:38 AM

In the fast-evolving world of client expectations & enhanced market competition, it’s crucial for businesses to possess a strong client focus. Customer-centric businesses such as Salesforce platinum partners revolve around client requirements. Becoming client-centric means in brief using your products or services to solve issues of clients, and not making it about scaling the business or enhancing revenue only. Putting clients at the heart of your operation is the best way to keep customers happy & loyal and lead to a gradual increase in business and revenue. Below are some ways that we have discovered that enable any business to be client-centric.

  1. Encourage your employees to be good listeners. Create a culture that nurtures empathy for clients. Walking in the client’s shoes enables businesses to obtain a new perspective on different aspects of the business. For example, what you see will be a hit for a product or a service may not be what matters to the client. They may be interested in another quality/aspect that needs attention. Even though sales and customer service staff are the faces of the company dealing with clients, enhanced client focus must be a top priority for the company and the management. Provide opportunities to back-end staff in different teams – top to bottom – to spend time with clients or attend service calls to know firsthand the customer experience, issues and expectations. Collate and review acquired data like web analytics, attrition rates, and product use patterns — to obtain insight, and solicit feedback from clients.  This is what we do in Codleo - Salesforce platinum partners.

  2. Create a culture of ideas and innovations. Most companies such as Salesforce platinum partners source new ideas from limited avenues, but as we know inspirations and ideas can be sourced from anywhere. Even clients can be a source of ideas from various platforms & initiatives. If big brands are doing it, why can’t we all?

  3. Remove internal silos. Data collated from different sources parked in legacy systems in different teams is useless for a company. It is important to ensure that silos between departments give way. All teams need to be unified and looking at the same screen/data. Disconnected information is an important barrier to forging valuable, customised experiences clients are demanding from their businesses of choice. For each company the solution lies in obtaining an end-to-end or what is popularly known as a 360-degree client view. This will enable a united cross-channel client interaction state Salesforce platinum partners.

  4. Break the shackles of your data. Technologies like Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are value additions for any business. Clients & business buyers are willing to shell out a premium for unique, first-to-market items & services, putting companies under strain to be the leader of the pack. This could entail using a client’s surfing and purchasing history to offer customised suggestions. Or delivering push notifications to a client’s electronic device with various schemes, discounts, and offers. Alternatively, it also means using chatbots to gather data and use it meaningfully to solve client issues. For Salesforce solutions, Salesforce platinum partners like Codleo are the best.

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