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Jun 15, 2023 10:59 AM

Putting together the right mix of talent and experience is the first step in a company whether they are Salesforce Platinum partners or not.  Converting that team with the right tools and resources into an A-Team of productivity & efficiency is a far serious, complicated, and time-consuming process. In this blog, we are talking about some ways that this can be achieved for Salesforce Platinum partners and others. Read on to know more.

Below are some ways on how to be a lead on A-stars of performers:

  1. A company of diversity and inclusivity. D & I should be a mission statement of every organization as Salesforce Platinum partners. It needs to be taken seriously at all levels and enforced by management & HR on a daily basis. The more diverse and inclusive the team the better for the company say Salesforce Platinum partners. People with different backgrounds bring different skills & perspectives. They bring forth new ideas & thoughts that always work positively. You never know where ideas to enhance productivity and efficiency come. Be open and reap the fruits confirm Salesforce Platinum partners.

  2. Gratitude daily and express it. Gratitude is an expression of contentment and a realisation that you or I have is a great thing. This expression needs to be taken forward in our corporate lives as well. When we express our gratitude for the work being done by any employee, it leads to the enhancement of self-worth and motivation. Recognize and reward your employees regularly for their accomplishments. It could be an “ employee of the month “ certificate. It could be felicitation in team meets and town halls. How about a small token of appreciation? An email expressing gratitude? Personalisation of rewards is important. Codleo as Salesforce Platinum partners has a policy in place.

  3. Give priority to mental & physical well-being. Encourage breaks, deep breathing & mindfulness sessions daily as well as time off for rest, travel, or any personal reasons.  Team Meetings or town halls can begin with sessions of deep breathing and meditation. Different companies have different systems, practices, and policies in place. It's important to maintain a fine work-life balance and this should be a priority with the management to retain talent.

  4. Tasks and work priority. Prioritisation of work/tasks should be understood by all. This ensures that high-value tasks are given importance and time, and the remainder of the tasks follow thereafter.

  5. Automate mundane & repetitive workflows and processes. Harness technology to free the employees from doing low-value tasks that need to be done. This way employee satisfaction is up and the productivity of the staff/team shoots up.

  6. Great tech stack. Use tech tools for collaboration – communication and so on. Reduce manual dependencies say Salesforce Platinum partners. Streamlining of workflows and processes should be high on the priority list of the management. They should ensure that the company becomes a lean & mean tool thanks to the tech stack. Such tools include Slack for communication and a CRM for managing customer & lead engagement reveal Salesforce Platinum partners.

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