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Oct 10, 2022 12:15 PM

Hello, readers.  Blogging has given Codleo an opportunity to reach a wide section of Salesforce Ohana and we are happy that our blogs are keeping your interest piqued. In today’s blog, we look at how you can be super productive / super quick at work and then spend free time socialising, exercising or In hobbies. Its an eye opener and will get you buzzing. 

Here are Salesforce companies suggestions on how to be super productive: 

  1. Be a chatter box. If you are looking for a tool of communication, then look no further. It's time to start using the super cool Chatter that is popular. It is easily integrated with Salesforce and is your one stop for all collaborations. You get access a social network for your work. Message individuals or create work groups reveal Salesforce companies. It allows users to set up an account, receive expense reports, or modify orders without having to change screens.  

  2. Use tasks, Activities, and emails. If you are not using tasks, activities, and email features present in Salesforce, it's about time that you used the amazing features in Salesforce. With Activities, users record the conversations with your customers & store vital notes from meetings. Tasks lets users to start an action that they want to take forward, such as creating reminders, date, or summaries. Email templates enable email messages to be sent via Salesforce. A number of email templates are available to use and modify as per your needs confirm Salesforce companies. Isn’t that great? Save valuable time say Salesforce companies.  

  3. Measure KPIs with reports. With Salesforce and Salesforce companies you get access to a plethora of reports and dashboards. Derive valuable insights and take remedial action. Benefit from them and do your business a huge favour. You can even curate your own reports.  See how the metrics are working or not working for you say Salesforce companies. 

  4. Inline editing. Inline Editing feature allows users to edit content without editing buttons. This feature is great when users are required to edit many records and they can't edit individual records. If you are unable to double-click fields in the list view to edit, then get your administrator to enable inline editing via the user interface. 

  5. Conga composer. It allows users make digital documents using Salesforce info and follow it up with integrating it with templates that exist. The setup process is simple. With a solitary button, users can collate the details needed to create the document and then send it across to clients. No more mail merging or duplicate tasks for staffers. 

With these 5 suggestions you will see a marked improvement in your productivity and efficiency thanks to Salesforce and Salesforce companies. What more can a person ask for say Salesforce companies? For more details on how you can leverage the various tools and features of Salesforce for your company, connect with Codleo Salesforce companies

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