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Nov 02, 2022 07:48 AM

Customer service and support are important components of revenue growth for any business. It is not too be taken lightly say Salesforce partners. In these days of stiff competition, every company worth its salt needs to ensure that customer service & support is accorded top priority. Today, consumers want customer support in their preferred way and that translates into many varied things. Which medium? When? How? And with whom? This is important for any company who wishes to expand their customer service without it negatively impacting the overall experience of each client.

In this blog, we look at how companies can address support cases that arise in volume to the satisfaction of all concerned. As we know, a satisfied customer is a boon and converts into an unofficial brand ambassador as per Salesforce partners. No one wants a disgruntled customer especially in the era of an overactive social media nod Salesforce partners.

Self service made efficient. Its time to analyse the behaviour of clients on your website, how they arrived there and how they use your client portal. This enables you to better understand your client reveal Salesforce partners. Companies ask clients to log in and provide user IDs to avail services so that they know what’s happening with who, which provides companies with additional data to enable self-service. Salesforce Einstein which is an Artificial Intelligence engine to offer suggestions based on the information collated. Self-service allows a company to expand the scope of client service. Clients obtain quicker solutions. The human employees can devote their energy to tasks that are of more value.  The company can reduce expenses, and everyone is a winner at the end of the day reveal Salesforce partners.

Client service automation. It lets tech do what is its forte such as routing cases or replying to FAQs and lets the human team focus on tasks / intervention that requires human touch. Automation takes care of the easy, repetitive, and mundane tasks. Automation is done for all those tasks/processes that need automation acknowledge Salesforce partners.

Proactive client service.  This means being a step ahead of clients & their concerns / needs confirm Salesforce partners. These include conveying to clients the potential of any risks before it has any impact on them or analysing the root of any problems and ensuring that they do not surface again. Use tools like Tableau to envision & note trends based on client information and usage, and construct proactive triggers that alert personnel when a client is in jeopardy of being at the receiving end of issues.

Ace the support function for your company by letting Salesforce partners such as Codleo Consulting implement a range of Salesforce solutions just for  you.

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