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Oct 18, 2023 05:45 AM

“ Our vision is to have an unparalleled support services team and we are working on that. Our expertise, experience, and certification come together to form an unbeatable combo that is the talk of the town. “ Quote by R S Maan, CEO of Codleo.

Congratulations if you are new to Salesforce or planning to onboard the super tool that brings companies closer to their clients.  It is a robust platform and provides users with a seamless experience. As with all tech tools, users will face technical problems, troubleshoot glitches, or need assistance with development. It’s in such a situation that Salesforce Support Services plays an important role. In this blog, we discuss in detail the role of Salesforce Support Services in a business.

Here are some important duties of Salesforce Support Services:
  1. Managing the upgrades, new features, and functionalities: Every year, at regular intervals, Salesforce Inc releases new products, upgrades, functions, and features. These need to be updated in the orgs. By signing up for Salesforce support services, companies get access to these new features, tools & functionalities to improve productivity and efficiency. Without the need for the employees of the company to get involved, everything is handled smoothly.

  2. Training of users resistance to any new software is one of the primary users for poor usage of it. It’s human nature. There is resistance to change. The proposed users must be given a comfort level with the CRM tool. And that is achieved by customizing training modules department-wise. This training is provided under Salesforce Support Services. They are designed to provide hands-on training that is fun & relatable.

  3. Troubleshooting services: As with any software or technology, glitches, errors, or problems will surface. These need prompt addressing to lower “downtime”.  Salesforce Support Services by Codleo Consulting or any other certified Salesforce partner is meant for such situations. Instead of the in-house tech team (if any) getting involved in such matters, it's best to leave it to professionals. This way, the core business team can focus on growing the business, and not dealing with glitches and bugs.

  4. Daily maintenance and running of the organization: Leave the daily maintenance and managed services in the capable hands of the Salesforce Support Services team. They ensure your organization runs smoothly so that you can meet your business goals.

Do yourself and your company a big favor. Don’t get stuck with technical issues in your Salesforce that will bog you down. Salesforce Support services are to address all issues & needs post-deployment or project. Have a smooth Salesforce experience with the services provided by a Summit tier partner, that is economical and focused. Contact us to learn more.

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