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Aug 04, 2023 06:08 AM

Most people associate Salesforce with client relationship management and nothing more. This is far from the truth.  Salesforce has much to offer for those seeking tech help to run projects efficiently. Seeing the many advantages Salesforce has to offer, companies are onboarding Salesforce consultants and Top Salesforce Partners who help them use its many capabilities to their advantage. Many companies are saddled with projects that overshoot the assigned budget or exceed the delivery timeline because they don’t have good help or a tech stack to manage their projects. These unwarranted delays impact credibility and affect customer satisfaction in the long run, revealing Salesforce consultants / top Salesforce consultants. 

A study conducted in 2020 on project management revealed that around 55% of people feel the absence of a robust tech stack for project management. 1 in 3 respondents spends a day or two every month on project reports. Such issues don’t do much for the timely delivery of projects in a company, especially when multiple projects are being handled. In this blog, we examine the importance of Salesforce consultants / top Salesforce consultants in managing projects in a business.

Why opt for top Salesforce consultants to manage multiple projects?
  • Better collaboration with account teams. For a smooth project, it’s important to have smooth and seamless teamwork. Onboarding a professional Salesforce engineer will assist you with Account Teams, a feature of Salesforce that enables smoother teamwork. Account teams function as a clique of users who have access to account records and related cases, opportunities, and contacts. This ensures everyone working on projects is aware of their specific tasks / KRAs and has access to the resources needed to perform their role well.

  • Access to reports and dashboards. To monitor project status and performance, it is important for the management to have a detailed view of all aspects of a project. Here is where Salesforce and Salesforce consultants / top Salesforce consultants assist with drag-and-drop reports & dashboard builders to showcase project-related information in a visually appealing manner.  Thanks to Salesforce consultants / top salesforce consultants, customisation of reports and dashboards is at hand and allows the management to get the right view and perspectives.

  • Improved communication with Slack. As we all know so well, for any company, let alone a project, efficient communication is the key to success. Salesforce Slack is a great communication & collaboration platform that allows for efficient working while remaining on one screen. Salesforce consultants / top salesforce consultants help you deploy and leverage the wonders of Slack. You can schedule Zoom calls with Slack and lots more. We are using Slack and loving it. So will you.

  • Task management is made easy. With the hire of Salesforce consultants / top Salesforce consultants, the company team understands how to use the object to see tasks on varied records while accessing data in multiple views such as split view, table view, or Kanban view. Plus, they can assist with the deployment of custom workflows with Process Builder.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed: Let Codleo's Salesforce Consultants Streamline Your Projects. 

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