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Dec 07, 2022 08:17 AM

Salesforce admins are the first line of duty when it comes to deployment, design, planning, problem solving, UI and front-end work of Salesforce. They are much in demand and have a lot on their plate. With so much happening, they need to get their act together when it comes to being productive and efficient. Below are some hacks on achieving the same. Let’s see what they are.

Here are hacks on being an efficient Salesforce Admin as advised by Salesforce companies:

  • Stay away from distractions. This is especially true with cell phone and messaging tools. If this is a source of distraction and it is for many people. You can close all tabs on your internet browser as well as declutter your workspace. Apps are available to make your life simpler and productive.

  • Know that every task is a clog in the wheel. You should know that any task performed (  big or small ) has profound value in the grand scheme of things. When you become aware of the importance of different tasks, you can distinguish and give priority to tasks. Prioritisation of tasks is an important attribute of efficient Salesforce admins who work in Salesforce companies.

  • Evaluate critically your accomplishments. Set up a dashboard or measurable KPIs to evaluate your work. Know what Is working or is not as well as your productivity. Make your own dashboard for packages, apps, licenses, etc when working with Salesforce companies.

  • Ensure your work device is fast. Nothing can be as frustrating as having your tools moving slowly. This can be due to many reasons. It could be lack of disk space, or presence of malware. Keep removing unwanted files and malware. Free up your work-related tools so that your efficiency is upped.

  • Curate training material that can be used repeatedly in Salesforce companies. As admins must impart education / training to users as well solve the problems, it would make sense for them to prepare reusable material. This can be videos, presentations, or documents. These training materials will lighten the load of admins in the long run. The more such material admins create for their company, the better it is for all concerned.

  • Schedule breaks on a regular basis. Its important to take breaks to give your body, brain, and soul breaks. Your thumb rule can be 5 minutes of break for 55 minutes of work. It could be a short walk, closing your eyes and deep breathing, eating a snack, or drinking a healthy smoothie. Don’t reach burnout stage. Keep yourself free and happy in Salesforce companies.

  • Always wear your learning hat. Keep learning new technologies and increasing your certifications. There is no such thing as knowing too much. Be a student all your life while working for Salesforce companies. Increase your value and your efficiency by upgrading yourself.

We hope our simple hacks on improving efficiency works for you and Salesforce companies.  Make each day count as you work in Salesforce companies. Let your efficiency and bloom with these cool hacks. Ciao, have a good day.

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