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Aug 19, 2022 07:41 AM

Companies looking to hire Salesforce platinum partners to carry out implementation or any other Salesforce work must be very careful. They need to check with the proposed Salesforce platinum partners about their staff. It's very important that the staff of administrators that they have to possess a certain skillset that makes them invaluable. In this blog, we highlight some of them. 

The skill set Salesforce administrators working with Salesforce platinum partners must have are:

  • Communication – communication is the key to success in every aspect of life. Communication ( written or oral ) is important for administering the Sales org for a client. Clear and crisp communication is important for verbal communication. Whereas in terms of written communication, it must be simply worded, as bereft of technical jargon as can be, and detailed leaving no scope for ambiguity or confusion. This is a soft skill that is honed over time and comes with experience. Young admins need to be groomed in this by Salesforce platinum partners

  • Problem-Solving – Admins need to be analytical and good at finding solutions to problems that arise or may surface. Problem-solving skill entails identifying the problem, working on finding its solutions, implementing them, and then analyzing their effectiveness. It's very important for those who work as admins to be methodical & logical in their approach. 

  • Attention to detail – Good Salesforce admins working with Salesforce platinum partners have a sharp eye and observation powers. They work with fine attention to even the minutest of details. They like to be “ perfectionists “ if such people exist. Their work is of the highest quality keeping this in mind. Nothing should escape their attention even if the work involves painstaking effort. 

  • Beginner’s mindset -  No admin worth their salt assumes that they know it all. They are always wearing the learner’s cap. Nothing is dismissed or brushed aside. They are always eager to learn and brush up on their knowledge. When admins work with such a mindset, they are open to new ideas & solutions that will make their work better. 

  • User management – it refers to the ability of administrators to handle user access to different IT resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services, and so on. Overseeing user access to IT resources is an important security mandate for any business. These solutions allow user management over web applications, cloud infrastructure, and non-Windows devices, and harness the latest protocols like SAML JIT and SCIM. Always go with Salesforce platinum partners.

  • Security management – Data security is a top concern over the past few years. This has been thanks to many cases of data breaches emerging over the years. It important for a good admin working with Salesforce platinum partners to work always keeping in mind data security protocols etc. Salesforce as a platform is already data security fortified.  

  • Data analysis – Since data is at the heart of a CRM and its success, Admins employed with Salesforce platinum partners need to be proficient in matters of comprehending the vast pool of data received. 

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