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Nov 09, 2023 11:10 AM

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a cloud-based tool that enables companies to connect their customers, partners, and employees in a safe manner to share / exchange data and documents. This platform deployed by Salesforce companies lets companies share their information in real-time and on cell phones as well. The powerful digital platform has many smart features and tools to assist businesses in reaching their defined goals, growth and scale. In this blog, we examine this cloud which allows businesses such as yours to move faster and reach more.

These are its top features as per Salesforce companies:

Customer 360. Experience Cloud sites is designed on the Customer 360 concept, which provides all users and team with a unified view of data. The Customer 360 feature helps businesses know their clients and their behaviours and deliver superior experiences as per needs & expectations.

Salesforce CMS. Leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce Content Management System to build and manage content in a unified zone and, thereafter, publish it in all the Experience Cloud sites. Salesforce enables businesses to link their external CMS to post appropriate text on their websites.

Groups. Improve self-service & collaboration in the Experience Cloud site by allowing site members and guest users to visit and join the groups they find an affinity to. Personalisation of the group detail page using separate components is enabled. For more on this cloud, call Salesforce companies like Codleo.

Dashboards and reports. Build reports and visualise the data in dashboards say Salesforce companies. Thus, management can see the performance & negatives of teams and the company as a whole. Management gets the insights they need to review strategy, make new plans, and take remedial action for the betterment of the company.

Preconfigured themes and branding capabilities. Use Experience Builder to brand your site by using existing themes & modifying colours, fonts, and styles. Add readymade Lightning components or use custom solutions to enhance the functionality of your site.

Electronic device compatible. Digital experience is 100% electronic device friendly. It means the cloud is compatible with all electronic devices be it a laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Below are the varied experiences businesses can create from Experience Cloud, with help from Salesforce companies:
  • Self-help centre – Assist client in finding answers to their queries themselves, on their own terms and when they want to source it. It helps in creating a knowledge base, a self-service portal, or a forum, options are plenty.

  • Build a detailed channel management solution for the business,  with a dynamic PRM site.

  • Account portal – Create a dynamic portal for users to read articles, update accounts, and create, and handle tickets & claims

  • Design your own client experience - There is life beyond prebuilt solutions. Design your own customised solution with the help of Experience Builder.

For a superior experience online, it’s time to deploy Experience Cloud.  Call the Codleo team for a virtual engagement session. It will put the fizz back into your business and keep stakeholders happy.

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