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Jan 30, 2023 10:28 AM

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. – Quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr, the late American author.

Grass root NGOs that work in remote places and do a whole lot of good work struggle in raising much-needed funds. They lose out on getting funds to widely networked & popular NGOs based in large cities or even big funding agencies. This is the struggle faced by one NGO in Jharkhand. Run by Pratik Laroia, the NGO focuses on providing shelter and a home to the LGBT community. The home takes in young people who have been evicted from their homes by their families for their sexual orientation. The support of a few well-meaning people has helped him and other trustees to keep the home running. The home has about 20 young people from the region who are using it to survive in a harsh environment. The struggle to find funds like Pratik Laroia is encountered by hundreds of such small grassroots NGOs across India says Salesforce partners. This is where tech in the era of digitalization is coming into play.

Salesforce Inc in its commitment to help NGOs and give back to society launched the non-profit cloud, signed the 1% pledge as well provide 10 free Enterprise Edition Licenses of Salesforce Sales Cloud to deserving NGOs via Salesforce partners. Every NGO worth its salt needs to go in for a tech stack that improves its performance, productivity, and efficiency. How can such NGOs leverage tech tools like the non-profit cloud or sales or marketing cloud is important? In this blog, we examine the role of the marketing cloud and Salesforce partners.

Most NGOs are seeking to answer many questions of donors via newsletter updates, case studies, and so on. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce partners, this communication can be enhanced such as micro-messaging that gives donors details on each spend of each dollar, rupee, euro, or pound. This has the purpose of getting donors to feel connected & invested and even donate more on a regular basis. This is where AMPscript in the marketing cloud can play a big role. Yes of course it is scary for many non-technical users say Salesforce partners. It is like formulas in Microsoft Excel, AMPscript is a set of pre-defined functions that are used in Marketing Cloud to curate customized & high-value content.

  • Put AMPscript functions in an HTML block at the beginning of the email so it doesn’t take away from the main messaging or other content
  • Save every AMPscript block as a code snippet, so it can be used in other emails.
  • Add comments */… * / to your text so others can comprehend what’s going on and can make changes when needed

Improve your micro-messaging with Marketing Cloud and Salesforce partners. If you run an NGO seeking to improve funding yourself, contact Codleo Salesforce partners today.

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