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Dec 08, 2022 07:36 AM


What do University of Southern California have in common with University of Kentucky, University of Baltimore and University of Minnesota? Besides being leading lights of higher education, they are also happy users of Salesforce Education Cloud. They are among the many institutes who have discovered its virtues and embraced the concept of a “connected campus”. Put it simply, Salesforce Education Cloud is a grouping of objects & tools that streamlines processes for all stakeholders. This leads to relevant and personalised information flow and keeps everyone happy. Implemented by Salesforce Platinum Partners.


The Education Cloud offers an end to end view of student & institutional information state Salesforce Platinum Partners. This provides the staff with all information related to a student including fees, courses, attendance, interactions & engagement. With all this data, institutions can transform student experiences and provide them future options without the related stress. With everything being connected, students can focus more on studies than ever before. Supporting students and providing top quality education should be the focus on any and every academy / college / institute, hence the cloud and Salesforce Platinum Partners takes care of everything including the modern needs & demands of students.


An important part of the Education Cloud is that it links students to faculty, companies & recruiters, tutors, institution staff and so on. The Education Data Architecture (EDA) is a pre-built data model, curated for the education sector. This is the foundation of the teaming of the education companies and the client community. With its objects, and object relationship, the EDA empowers colleges & academies to link every student account to an administrative account, and displays a transparent record of student addresses, relationships, and affiliations.


Here are some good features of this cloud that you must know about according to Salesforce Platinum Partners:

  • Admissions Connect: Admissions CRM technology that weaves admissions management & applicant engagement at one place. Learn more from Salesforce Platinum Partners.

  • Salesforce Student Success Hub for Higher Education - A platform to link students, staff, and teachers via robust support, communication, and bonds. Ask Salesforce Platinum Partners for more demo.

  • Accounting Subledger -   A system that retrieves fundraising & accounting info simultaneously, improving transparency between the NGOs and the education sector.

  • Experience Cloud – It works with Education Cloud to establish projects such as an alumni resource center for graduates to lure them to consider post graduate courses and beyond.

Provide all stakeholders especially students with a digital tool that is all encompassing and serves the purpose of anytime, anywhere. With Education Cloud and Salesforce Platinum Partners, all stakeholders are collaborating and communicating in real time with valuable data and insights fuelling the connect. Boost your enrolment, connect and loyalty by signing up for the Salesforce Education Cloud in partnership with Codleo Consulting, Salesforce Platinum Partners, the only name for all Salesforce needs.

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