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Aug 03, 2022 11:22 AM

Good day and welcome back to the blog back to part 2 of “ 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Salesforce Consultant “. We hope you enjoyed our compilation. We hope it’s been of some use to you or any one person you know who is looking for Salesforce partners to collaborate on a digital makeover. Now we resume where we left off last time with 5th thing.  

The 10 Things You Must Do Before Hiring a Salesforce Consultant are: 
  • Check for their communication skills. This is a skill that a soft yet valuable. It gains importance in any business context. Good business communication ( written or oral ) is often a crucial factor in success or failure. Therefore, it is important to question and gauge their communication proficiency. It is crucial that the SFDC Partners’ employees are well-spoken & communicate in clear and crisp ways. Good communication skills ensure that the team comprehends clearly your needs, goals, and challenges. Thus, paving the way for success and a good relationship that is strengthened over time. Codleo has built strong partnerships with companies over the year based on its communication strategy, clarity, and detail.  

  • The company needs to be always proactive. This opposite of being reactive to situations, needs, and challenges. They should take the lead in tackling any issues or preventing them from rising using best practices. They need to proactively deal with them and not wait to be told or wait for hiccups to present themselves. This information you can gather from companies that have used Salesforce partners and will recommend/suggest a good fit based on their personal experience over the years. 

  • Speak to the Salesforce regional office to get a list of potential SFDC Partners. Get in touch with your regional office and ask them to send you a list of potential Salesforce partners based on your needs. They will do so. They send 3 - 4 names for you to whet, communicate , and choose from. Selecting the right Salesforce partners based on your communication with them is an optimal way. 

  • Get references from business connects. You can get your business connections ( even via Linkedin ) to refer some companies. They can be based on the same industry / vertical as you to ensure the companies are right for you. Referrals are a time-tested way to get things done. So, why not for SFDC Partners as well? What do you say? 

Mr. R S Maan, Global CRO and Managing Director of Codleo Consulting say that hiring Salesforce partners can be tricky. We are currently partners with businesses that have had bad experiences in the past. Therefore, it is essential for any business to be cautious and go with a name that speaks for itself. A boutique company that is agile, dependable, and always using best practices & latest tools is recommended. The jigsaw puzzle that is the quest is solved once the time is taken to hunt for the right Salesforce partners”.

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