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Aug 05, 2022 12:10 PM

What do Jiomart, Biba, Nykaa, and Borosil have in common? Any answers? They are all big-ticket brands that are using chatbots for their daily work. Chatbots are here in a big way and changing the way businesses are interacting with leads & clients. 

Let’s start at the very beginning with the definition or understanding of the term “ chatbot “. A chatbot is a type of digital tool that enables clients to interact with your business and undertake small tasks or locate data without any human interference. This lets clients engage with your business during after-hours/holidays / unable to access staff for any reason. It’s the first line of engagement for many businesses via their websites and helps to resolve basic queries. Salesforce Platinum partners help businesses deploy chatbots with Salesforce. 

The advantage of deploying chatbots with salesforce via salesforce platinum partner

  • Human staff involvement is done away with. For answering basic queries of clients such as timings and days of operation etc, chatbots are useful. They handle a portion of queries that would have been assigned to human employees. With chatbot deployment, humans need only step in to handle complex questions or issues. Chatbot deployment means up to 60% less workload on the human employees/agents etc.  Companies like Codleo who are Salesforce Platinum partners undertake such integrations. 

  • Reduction in expenses. Chatbot deployment means a smaller number of human employees needed to man customer care/service centers. This means a smaller number of employees are needed in the company. Thus, the company is able to save money. As we know, money saved is money earned. Ask Salesforce Platinum partners about how chatbots save money for you. 

  • Improve productivity. With chatbots deployed, the human team can focus their time & energy on valuable and important tasks & work. This results in the productivity of employees going up.  Efficiency is up and the company benefits from the same in the long run.  Plus, the employees are happier and more satisfied leading to low attrition levels. Improve your productivity via Salesforce Platinum partners

  • Clients appreciate innovation. If a company deploys tech tools that make the lives of clients, it is noticed. This notice translates into loyal customers, increased sales, and enhanced ROI. This is as compared to companies that don’t revamp their processes & workflows. They still have human agents & intervention for most of the work. I for one am so happy to see chatbots being deployed where basic queries are addressed. For example, the Swiggy food delivery app where chatbots are used to resolve queries without any human intervention. Be innovative and get in touch with us – among the top Salesforce Platinum partners in India. 

Chatbots are helpful in the following ways: 

  • Chatbots are helpful for appointment Booking Requests, Confirmation, and Rescheduling. Instead of getting human employees to handle such mundane tasks, chatbots can step into these roles. The chatbot provides clients the option to select a day and time that is convenient and reschedule the booking if need be. 

  • Let clients raise cases/tickets. Clients can message the business chatbot number with the keyword ‘Support’. Thus, begins engagement for customer complaints/queries without any human agent stepping in. They can register their complaints and are assigned a complaint/ticket number.  

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