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May 17, 2023 07:54 AM

The most talked about tech tool in a long time is you guessed it, right. Chat GPT. Its skyrocketing popularity is breathtaking. Notching up 1 million users in 5 days is wow, right?  In this blog, we are examining how this tech tool can help certain positions in Salesforce companies within the Salesforce industry. So instead of being feared like AI is, it is a useful ally for text-related work. Let’s see how it is making a mark.

Here is ChatGPT can be used for the following Salesforce positions in Salesforce companies :

  • Admins.  Training or learning content for newbies wishing to make a mark in this industry. It will help them get answers to simple questions and prepare them for the road ahead. For simple questions, ChatGPT is able to provide detailed replies. The issue however is that many brands have extra custom fields or validation requirements that ChatGPT is oblivious of and may not be able to explain etc. An admin in Salesforce companies is able to use it to generate a large chunk of learning content/text, and then use the generated text by adding / modifying content as per actual use or need. Do not use this tool for complex articles or usage, it’s bound to fail.

  • Architects. ChatGPT is a good ally for those seeking to enter the expanding universe of Salesforce Inc, be it an admin in Salesforce companies wishing to gain knowledge on formula functions or validation rules, or a developer in Salesforce companies creating their numero uno text on Apex. It’s also helpful in the quick curation of Lightning Components for demos as well. But do proceed with caution. Do not trust the output blindly. Due diligence is important.

Note – were you aware that is currently banned in the Trailblazer community?  This is because Trailblazers learn & link by spreading knowledge & delivering advice. Sadly, ChatGPT may be misleading or erroneous, and against Salesforce values of trusted & genuine peer-curated text.

  • Developers. It’s going to be handy for junior developers in Salesforce companies for them to learn the basics of coding. Thereafter they need to be careful and non - complacent to avoid losing their jobs to AI-powered tools. It can be used to detect mistakes and solve issues say Salesforce companies.

  • Business analysts. They can use it to prepare a rough cut of their document.

Therefore, they save time and energy. Thereafter they can mold the document with their own inputs and to their satisfaction. It’s useful for those who are not comfortable with English. This applies to a whole tranche of techies who are great in their work in Salesforce companies but lack the communication skills to make an impact.

Mr. Rahul Ray, Chief Marketing Officer – Codleo says “Salesforce personnel in Salesforce companies harness the benefits of ChatGPT but cannot afford to use it as the final gospel truth. It is a simple tech tool that is liable to churn irrelevant and erroneous text. Use it judiciously”.

You heard it from the horse’s mouth, and you decide how you want to use this fascinating tool in your career and in your business.

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