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Mar 15, 2023 06:33 AM

“ChatGPT is a fascinating technology that has the potential to transform the way we communicate with machines.” –  Quote by Andrew Ng, Founder of

The hottest topic of discussion on new technologies is revolving around Chat GPT, a baby of OpenAI, backed by Microsoft. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot or LLM (Large Language Model) that uses natural language processing (NLP) to engage with users as if they are having a conversation with another individual. The outcomes are quite impressive though it may be erroneous on some occasions. With Chat GPT and a few prompts, a lot can be created. These include Validation Rules, Apex Code, LWC, poetry, and even PR articles. The storm by which Chat GPT has taken the world is confirmed by the fact that it has been used by a million people within 5 days of its launch. This is the fastest reach of 1 million of any technology. The number is increasing day by day say Salesforce integration services firms. Over 100 million active users in January 2023 reveal Salesforce integration services firms.

In the context of Salesforce, Chat GPT can be used to create a Validation Rule, Formula, Apex Class, Lightning Web Component, or a Unit Test for an LWC. Flows are not in its domain. It can create the XML that is the result of declarative action, like making an object & fields. Chat GPT works well within defined walls of scope. With a larger scope, the results can be erroneous. They won’t be able to write the XML to configure Salesforce for a business, despite the volume of data being fed to it.

The impact of Chat GPT on various Salesforce roles as per Salesforce integration services firms are as follows:
  • Salesforce administrators – The profile that has a lot to gain from Chat GPT are those of admins. They will be more efficient and productive. Good admins can use it to improve most of the configuration. Quality of outcomes can be enhanced if they know how to use and leverage Chat GPT. For more details on Salesforce integration services, contact us today.

  • Junior developers – This profile might face challenges from this tool. However, Chat GPT can help them to enhance their coding skills. As coding is a basic requirement of developers, they need to be on alert. This is because Chat GPT can develop code say Salesforce integration services firms.

  • Salesforce consultants – Chat GPT can help them be more effective at their work. It can be used to create generic proposals. Of course, they need to be reviewed and altered as per needs. Dependency needs to be less otherwise it can prove to be folly.

  • Salesforce Business Analysts – It can be used by them to suggest process steps. Of course, the content will be generic. Due diligence needs to be exercised in all content generated by Chat GPT. They are not foolproof say Salesforce integration services firms.

Chat GPT can be used to create all forms of generic documentation that need to be reviewed and altered. Chat GPT has its share of flaws and needs to be handled with care. EinsteinGPT is going to be launched this week by Salesforce and we as providers of Salesforce integration services are excited. We will bring you its details as soon as we receive it. Thank you for reading this blog. Have a good day.


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