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May 19, 2020 04:08 AM

“Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behaviour come together.” ~ Quote by Rory Burke, Author of Project Management Techniques book.

Indrani Ghose, nearing 60 and a project manager with a Japanese multinational based in South Delhi, was asked by her seniors sitting in the headquarters in Tokyo to implement a project management tool. She got straight at it. She consulted her peers and juniors for their suggestions. The brief given to her was that she needed to choose the best project management tool or software available on the market.  Like Indrani and her company, if you are also planning to select a project management tool, here are a few pointers for you to keep in mind when making a selection.

8 considerations for choosing the best project management tool or software, as stated by a Salesforce consultant, are:

Simplicity: First and foremost, select software that is easy to use. Complex software faces higher rejection by users and requires more training sessions confirms a Salesforce Consultant

The best tool is one that is simple and suits the needs of your team members.

Scheduling Tools: The software should come with professional-grade scheduling tools such as GANTT charts and so on. This will aid in managing your projects better, according to a Salesforce consultant.

Task Management: Third, the software should come with task management features. This includes the ability to assign tasks to others in the team and oversee their performance. A task list is a precursor to all GANTT charts.  The project manager should be able to add deadlines and goals.

Real-time Reporting: One important consideration while making a selection is which software provides the option of real-time reporting. This will enable you to extract data from different areas of the software and use it to compile reports that show the actual status of the project from time to time.

Dashboards and Graphical Reports: Select a tool that incorporates built-in dashboards that can be curated for the various stakeholders. If the tool can show your reports in graph format, that’s an added advantage. Dashboards and graphs have more traction over reams of written reports. It’s easier to understand with the eyes as well.

External Sharing: The best tool should have the option of sharing project plans and tasks with people and companies outside of your business. This is much needed when dealing with vendors contractors, etc.  Codleo is an outstanding Salesforce consultant.

Customisable – The tool should be customizable in every way, says a Salesforce Consultant. You should have the ability to make small changes to the look of the tool or customise the reports & data columns. Your company’s project management tool journey should include custom exports and fields.

Timesheets: Look for a product that includes a facility for timesheets. They help you, or the project manager, keep track of assigned tasks. It should make it easy for team members to complete their timesheets as well as alert you about any delays, etc. Codleo Salesforce Consultants are standing by to guide you.

Like Indrani and her company, these considerations should help you select the best project management tool or software for your company. Connect with a Codleo Salesforce Consultant for a demo session on ProjecLeo.

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