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Sep 01, 2023 10:17 AM

To get an edge over the competition, businesses need to adopt cutting-edge technologies. Salesforce Lightning, with its intuitive interface and advanced features, is one such tech tool.  It is a must-have solution for businesses looking to optimise their operations and improve client relationships. At Codleo Consulting, we comprehend the significance of Salesforce Lightning migration and personalisation. In this blog, we examine the best practices for customising Salesforce Lightning to meet business needs, relying on our expertise as a Salesforce partner and specialists in Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration.

Comprehending Salesforce Lightning Migration:

Before embarking on this important route, it's vital to understand the concept of Salesforce Lightning migration. If your business is using Salesforce Classic, migrating to Lightning Experience will give a spark to user productivity and engagement. Lightning gives a bold and beautiful user interface besides giving access to robust features such as customizable dashboards, upgraded reporting, and better integration capabilities. Time for Salesforce Lightning migration.

Analysis and Planning:

A successful migration begins with a detailed review of the current Salesforce setup and business processes. We suggest a detailed analysis to know the pain points, user requirements, and particular personalisation needs. This analysis is the bedrock for making a migration plan that meets your business goals.

User-Centric Customization:

A core highlight of Salesforce Lightning is its flexibility. Personalise the interface as per the needs of the team's workflow and preferences. Opt for Lightning Record Pages with components that show important data for every user. Customised experiences lead to improved user adoption and efficiency.

Leveraging Lightning App Builder:

Salesforce Lightning App Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that allows users to make unique pages and apps with low coding. Use pre-built components or create your own to meet specific needs. This approach hastens personalisation while delivering a smooth user experience.

Data migration and integration capabilities:

A smooth migration is ensured by mapping and migrating data properly. Plus, use the enhanced integration capabilities of Lightning to link 3rd party applications and tools smoothly, improving the business's overall efficiency.

Cell Phone Optimization:

The 21st century is all about cell phones and their omnipresence. Therefore, optimising Salesforce Lightning for cell devices is important. Responsive design and cell phone-compatible components provide limitless opportunities for the teams, to be active anywhere and anytime.

Testing and user training:

It's very important to ensure rigorous testing before the final rollout. This addresses niggles and user feedback. Plus, intensive training for teams is important for user adoption. Keep the users invested and happy.

Continuous Improvement:

Customization doesn't end after the migration. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your Salesforce Lightning setup and gather insights from users. Continuously refine and enhance your customization to adapt to changing business needs and technologies.

As a premier Salesforce partner, Codleo Consulting is well-versed in the nuances of Salesforce Lightning migration and personalisation. By following the above-listed best practices, you can reimagine business operations, improve user productivity, and solidify client relationships. Take advantage of Salesforce Lightning to fuel innovation and be moons ahead of others.

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