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Jul 01, 2024 07:52 AM

In today's business landscape, managing relationships is more crucial than ever. Whether it's customer relationships, sales, marketing, or financial interactions, companies are heavily investing in these areas to drive growth. The advent of cloud technologies has significantly facilitated the rapid establishment of connections with customers and clients. Among the top platforms that foster these relationships is Salesforce. Recognized as one of the premier CRM platforms, Salesforce offers unique solutions that enable businesses to maintain robust connections across various departments, including sales and marketing. Naturally, the financial sector is not left out, with Salesforce shaping the future of wealth management.

Originally launched to support wealth management, Salesforce's financial services cloud platform has evolved into a comprehensive tool. It now empowers businesses to engage in more personalized interactions with high-net-worth clients, automates routine processes to prevent missed opportunities with new clients, and ensures the delivery of tailored services anytime and anywhere.

This blog post has taken account of the concept and benefits of using the Salesforce financial services cloud platform with your business process.

Salesforce Financial Services: What & Why?

Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud is a comprehensive platform designed to cultivate enduring and stronger financial relationships. Seen as the future of wealth management, this platform enhances financial relationships by proactively tracking and addressing client needs.

For financial advisors, this platform is a game-changer, saving valuable time and effort. Instead of spending hours gathering client information, advisors can focus on what they do best: providing goal-oriented advice and investment strategies. This focus not only benefits the clients but also helps them grow their businesses.

What You Gain:
  • Align your clients' dreams with their financial goals

  • Gain a 360-degree view of your entire book of business

  • Automate routine daily tasks

  • Connect with clients anytime, from any device

  • Seamlessly manage your clients' entire financial portfolio

The Financial Services Cloud enables a smoother, more efficient approach to financial management, ensuring that both advisors and clients can achieve their goals more effectively.

Benefits of using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
Lead Tracking

In the financial sector, it’s crucial to closely monitor leads and referrals. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud simplifies this process with its robust productivity tools and integrated partner applications. These features enable financial professionals to intelligently track all leads and referrals from creation to conversion, ensuring that every step is updated on their FSC accounts.

Action Plans

The Financial Services Cloud eliminates miscommunication and confusion about tasks and responsibilities within teams. Its advanced action plan features automate critical tasks and deadlines to meet specific goals. Tasks are automatically assigned to team members based on their profiles and capabilities, ensuring compliance. The platform also provides organizations with an overview of their action plan progress.

Advisor Analytics

The analytics dashboard and reports in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud help financial advisors make more informed decisions for their clients, boosting growth and revenue. Financial institutions can customize reports and dashboards according to their business needs. Powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, the platform offers reliable and accurate analytics, aiding in better financial decisions. The FSC is available in various editions, providing an excellent resource for organizations on their financial journeys.

Unified Data Management

With the Financial Services Cloud, financial advisors can efficiently manage business and client data models, household models, individual data models, and personal account data models. The platform streamlines relationships, including Account-to-contact Relationships, Account-to-account Relationships, and Contact-to-contact Relationships, offering a comprehensive view of all connections.

Enhanced Customer Care

One of the standout benefits of SFC is its intuitive customer care. Customers expect businesses to provide valuable advice, quick responses, and accessible communication. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables companies to meet these expectations by tracking all activities, visualizing customer relationships, sources, and referrals, streamlining stakeholder coordination, and offering complete transparency.

Increased Engagement

SFC significantly enhances engagement for stakeholders, employees, and end customers. It unlocks new opportunities with its robust digital engagement features. Automation and Artificial Intelligence make this platform highly desirable. By leveraging AI, it provides reliable and trustworthy analytics, helping organizations make more informed decisions.

Automation reduces human errors and makes financial advisors' work more efficient. It frees employees from tedious manual tasks, allowing them to focus on acquiring and retaining new customers.

Final Words

Wealth management, retail banking, corporate banking, insurance, and capital markets are critical components of the financial industry, each encompassing essential activities. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud emerges as a powerful tool for these institutions, offering significant time and cost savings while enhancing productivity.

The journey with Financial Services Cloud empowers advisors to stay ahead in a competitive market. If you are a financial organization aiming to revolutionize your wealth management practices, Salesforce Financial Cloud is your gateway to success. Integrate SFC into your business systems today and witness remarkable improvements in no time.

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