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Oct 09, 2023 11:49 AM

Businesses looking to get a tech makeover with a CRM tool need to be careful in their selection of a Salesforce partner as a CRM consultant, Avoid the horror stories in the market with careful consideration, diligence, and patience. Read our tips listed below and ensure that the best Salesforce partner is by your side.

Here is our list of the top fatal mistakes to avoid while selecting a CRM Consultant:
  1. Ignoring the problems that plague the business as well as the objectives for deploying a CRM tool. This is a recipe for disaster. Before undertaking any project with a Salesforce partner, it's important to be clear on why the project is being undertaken and the outcomes of its success. Without studying or debating these two crucial points, the project may fail. Time, money, and energy will be wasted.  At the planning stage for Salesforce projects, the following need consideration as well: projected timelines for project success, budget for this or, for that matter, any project, and lastly, the stakeholders in the project. This is important for the drafting of the proposal request document, which is helpful during discovery sessions with any would-be Salesforce partners.

  2. Ignorance of the platform of Salesforce. Though it is known to all, it is often ignored. To talk to a tech team of a Salesforce partner on a tech platform, one must do their homework.  They cannot sound like an ignoramus. They have to know the terms, the features, the tools, and the capabilities of the software/hardware in question. This, in the case of the Salesforce CRM tool, can be done via short videos available on the internet.  Start by watching the demo videos as well. Go informed to a discovery session with a Salesforce partner. One doesn’t need to get into the nitty gritty but just be informed about the general overview when talking to a Salesforce partner.

  3. Giving weight to price points rather than quality of service. We are all guilty of doing the same thing at some point in our lives. We consider the price of a service/item more than the quality. It could be an air conditioner, chocolate, a cleaning service, or a CRM tool.  A good CRM tool like Salesforce is expensive compared to others on the market. And with good reason. The sophistication and customization capabilities make it stand out. One of our clients told me that they were earlier with another CRM company, but its structure was rigid. This did not suit them. So, they opted for a more customisable tool, Salesforce. So don’t opt for Salesforce after a disastrous outing with another affordable CRM tool, go with the best. The first time is the ideal time.

  4. Overlooking existing customer reviews and feedback. Visit independent review websites to study the feedback and reviews of the shortlisted group of CRM consultants / Salesforce partners. One place to study the same is the AppExchange profile of each of the Salesforce partners. Here, you can get unbiased views that help companies make up their minds.

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