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Dec 11, 2023 08:23 AM

“Whoever understands the customer best wins.” – Quote by Mike Gospe, the founder of the KickStart Alliance and author of multiple marketing books.

Client profiling is an excellent way to begin the journey of a close and connected relationship with clients. With detailed client profiles, businesses forge closer relationships with clients & leads, improve client loyalty, and enhance the goods for market fit. Customer profiling is defined as the practice of building a detailed profile of clients, to enhance the brand’s marketing strategy. Client profiles are ideal for enhancing marketing communication & engaging robustly with the focus audience revealed by Salesforce companies. On the creation of the client profiles, a defined description of each paying client is at hand.  At the outset, we should be clear that client profiling and customer segmentation are two distinct strategies. They are not the same state salesforce companies. The difference lies in the focus. A profile is created based on personality, history with the brand, habits, and behaviours. Customer segmentation deals with slotting of clients based on criteria such as age, location, race, sex, and so on.

Below are listed the ways client profiles help sales teams to enhance sales:

  • Better relationship with clients  -  By seeking to comprehend customers better – their issues and reasons for purchasing – businesses forge a closer relationship that holds them in good stead. This enables businesses to align their goods & client service in sync with their requirements and wants, and curate a customised experience. This induces loyalty from clients, lowers client churn, and forges an army of brand ambassadors.

  • Focused marketing communications – Client profiles allow businesses to enhance their marketing messaging, by targeting customers with relevance & precision. This is needed in this day and age.  As per a survey from Salesforce, Inc., over 80% of clients say the experience matters as much as the goods or services; and over 70% of clients expect brands to comprehend their custom requirements & expectations. Client profiling shows empathy for the clients and becomes a differentiator. It sets the brand apart from the others in the market confirmed by Salesforce companies.

  • Streamlined budget use - Client profiling ensures that your limited marketing budget is well spent on the channels & strategies that will strike a chord with the ideal customers. This way the budget is not wasted. And the ROI is higher say Salesforce companies.

Best Practices for Client Profiling:

  1. Use a mix of qualitative & quantitative data – Using only quantitative data is not a good idea. It is a restricting approach. Greater insights into client profiles are achieved via detailed client interviews & feedback analysis.

  2. Opt for finer details in profiling – Create profiles that go beyond the basics and the mundane. Look for elements such as issues and aspirations. This in-depth profiling aids in a winning strategy.

  3. Focus on networks – They refer to the groups of people who share information, experiences, and behaviours like neighbours, colleagues, or hobbyists.

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