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Oct 07, 2022 08:09 AM

In any given day, businesses are becoming warehouses of data, according to Salesforce Consulting Partners. Be it small family-run concerns, medium-sized manufacturing companies, or enterprise-size service providers, data is pouring in from different channels. They are received from the sales, marketing, and service departments. They contain valuable information about leads and clients, as well as opportunities down the road. What do you, as a business, do with it? Are you savvy enough to use it to your advantage? Do you see the potential of this data? The answer lies in creating a culture of data that is nurtured and valued daily, say Salesforce Consulting Partners.  

As per Salesforce Consulting Partners, the creation of a data-led company begins with baby steps. Start small with one department and win. Use that to prove the naysayers wrong. Research by a leading consulting firm in the USA revealed data-fueled companies met their goals quicker, which led to stronger finances in their kitty. 

How does data fuel growth in companies, as per Salesforce Consulting Partners?
  • A data study reveals meaningful trends. Consistent research reveals patterns of immense value. These can be used by businesses to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that present themselves. This fuels growth, and innovation and enhances uniqueness.  

  • Decision-making is no longer about making guesses. Companies that are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning see staff make smart and quick decisions. No more shooting in the dark or guesswork. No going by instinct or feelings. The facts speak for themselves, say Salesforce Consulting Partners

  • Strategic work means less staff attrition, says Salesforce Consulting Partners. With data fueling decision-making, the staff is engaged in high-value tasks that are more productive for the company. It’s a fact that data-fueled companies see a higher % of employee retention.  

How does a company begin the data focus in its company?
  • Create a team of active & capable employees to drive the culture. It should be composed of representatives of all departments. These employees should bring a collaborative spirit, various skills, and organizational perspectives. As diverse a team that can be assembled, it should be assembled. 

  • Provide the right training and technology to empower the team. Data literacy is not very high, as per the findings of studies in the past. Only 1 in 3 employees knows data visualization tools. With simple technology, you can link staffers and empower them to get valuable insights from the data flowing in. Detailed training helps the team analyze information, create a dashboard, and make data-fueled decisions for the betterment of the company.  

  • Begin on a small scale. Showcase the results to all and repeat/take it across the company. Let the teams/departments see for themselves the value that accrues based on this. For more information, speak to Salesforce Consulting Partners

  • Value data culture’s human side shares Salesforce Consulting Partners. It's important to get the staffers to study the data received to comprehend how it will be used in the real world. 

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