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Dec 21, 2022 12:56 PM

The fast paced life of the 21st century though is mostly in the right direction, it also has a dark side. This dark includes loneliness, mental and emotional health issues, lifestyle diseases and a disconnect in communities & blood ties. In this blog, we are addressing the issue of loneliness that is on the rise, even though the earth’s population is booming with 7 billion plus earthlings, more people are feeling lonely, even if surrounded by large groups of people at work or at home. Why is that? Why is the feeling of loneliness among the young people on the rise? This is important for all off us as we see a society in fissure on the increase.

Even though people have many friends / connections online on social platforms, many are lonely in the truest sense. The number of connections in virtual space has no relation with real life and shrinking social bonds ( in office or otherwise ). What can Salesforce services companies do to address the issue of loneliness in workspace? Let’s read and find out.

  • First and foremost, encourage conversations on this topic. The more we speak on it, the more it becomes acceptable to be discussed and conversations too happen. Conversations and communication are the first step addressing any emotional, mental, or spiritual health issue. Let it be raised in meetings / check-ins / townhalls or 1 on 1.
  • Look out for symptoms of loneliness. These symptoms vary from being quiet, shorter replies, mood changes or being irritable, work suffering, being late, snappy verbally or disconnecting from colleagues / events / parties. These symptoms need to be recognised by everyone – colleagues, managers, HR and management in Salesforce services companies or others.

  • Reach out to colleagues and listen. Show that you care. Take time out for conversations in a quiet space. Hear them out with an open mind. Don’t interject or give suggestions. Process and get back to them with carefully crafted suggestions.

  • Curate a culture of wellbeing. This is broad based and includes events / outings / holidays, ensuring work – life balance, access to mental health resources and a culture where mental health is nurtured. This means taking frequent breaks, exercising, mindfulness & meditation, less work pressure & stringent deadlines, support by management and so on. The approach must be top down confirm Salesforce services companies. It’s the only way it works.

  • Bring people together. This can mean zoom based social events if you have remote or hybrid model employees as Salesforce services companies do. You can have dedicated hours or days for fun events where bonding is a priority. Team lunches, pizza parties and Fun Fridays are great way to improve social bonds in office say reveal Salesforce services companies. Friendships are forged that help with loneliness say Salesforce services companies.

Loneliness can have severe repercussions in lives of individuals, their social circles, the community, and the country at large. It must be addressed, and steps taken to mitigate say Salesforce services companies. Besides helping ourselves if we are lonely, we need to reach out to people around us. Let’s reach out and help someone say Salesforce services companies.

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