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Aug 18, 2023 10:15 AM

Sales is a game that needs its players to be patient, persistent, smart, and dedicated. Besides these soft skills, sales personnel can also benefit from a great tech stack. In the 21st century, tech tools provide the right boost to strategies to sell more in an efficient manner that is the envy of rivals. We, as Salesforce Consulting Services firm, have listed 3 strategies that invoke the use of tech tools to get the sales team to sell smarter. Let’s see what these are. 

The 3 strategies to get the sales team to sell more, as per Salesforce Consulting Services firms, are:
  1. Improving the data entry strategy and process. Entering sales-related data manually is inefficient and delays updates to various deals in the pipeline, which translates into sales personnel not having access to the real-time data required for smart selling actions.  Therefore, companies who automate the data entry process with tech tools empower their teams to sell smartly & productively. The variables associated with manual data entry are eliminated. There is no fear of incorrect data entry, typos, spelling mistakes, and so on. It's just a smart business strategy. Mr. Shomik Dutt, Sales Chief of Codleo Consulting, a leading Salesforce Consulting Services firm, says  “ Sales processes that pivot on manual entry of data & metrics is the foundation of chaos for any business and its sales team. We recommend automation of data entry and integrations to remove errors that come with people physically wasting time and energy on data entry. Contact us to know how it can be done.

  2. Prioritisation of prospects and opportunities. Selecting low-value opportunities to pursue means loss of valuable time and the good ones get shortchanged.  As we all know, sales personnel with limited hours and energy must devote their attention to prospects that are most likely to convert into sales and paying customers. This is doable only when the team has access to important and up-to-date prospect data with the help of Salesforce Consulting Services companies. Recent studies by Salesforce Consulting Services firms reveal that 90% of sales personnel say that smart insights, such as real-time data on prospects, reduce the sales cycle quite a bit.  The right tech stack can prioritise prospects, rating them based on their likelihood of conversion and channeling them to sales personnel, along with the important prospect data available in real-time, to improve the sales cycle. Sales automation must be as rich as possible. To this end, it’s important to use the services of sales ops professionals in Salesforce Consulting Services firms to ensure that the prospect scoring models are designed with the relevant data.

  3. Enhance quote & proposal creation. Producing quotes & proposals is important in the sales process, but it is also very taxing for the personnel.  This is especially true for personnel who have a huge number of potential clients with different requirements, with manual customisations of quotes & proposals consuming tremendous energy and time. This valuable time needs to be devoted to engaging with leads and clients to drive sales. Get help from professionals like Salesforce Consulting Services firms to deploy sales automation tools that enable sales and finance teams to produce the right quotes based on real-time data. 

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